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Published March 15, 2021




For art's greater cause:
Transforming Furniture, Transforming Lives



a report by Rianna Bernabe on a furniture house's modest cause marketing effort







HandO's poster for its March 2021 benefit-auction



LAST year has been challenging, to say the least. The whole world was flipped upside down by a global pandemic and countries like the Philippines had to juggle this with extreme calamities. Filipinos are known to be some of the most resilient people out there, yet that was put to the test once again by the havoc caused by Typhoon Ulysses, a powerful and deadly Category 4 hurricane that caused the worst flooding in Metro Manila since Ondoy in 2009, which left a lot of families in grave need of help and support. It was the wake of destruction that sparked every Filipino to open their eyes and help one another. Many different relief operations and donation drives were held. But even though the year has ended, the struggle continues.
    This is where the HandO Team comes in. Enlivening the importance of standing together as a community, The Art of Giving Back: Designs on Drawers is a 4-month fundraising campaign dreamt up by the HandO Team, calling upon 12 talented artists from around the Philippines to come together for a greater cause. The project was carefully thought of with the victims of Typhoon Ulysses in mind. Though their cries for help are no longer all over the news, the battle is far from over and a lot of people are still in dire need of assistance.
    During these hard times, it was the consumption of different forms of art that kept us sane―from reading books to watching movies and listening to music. This is why HandO decided to partner up with select members of the Filipino art community to promote their work and take pride in the importance of what they do. In order to actively aid their fellow Filipinos, these select roster of artists were called to use their various mediums on metal drawers, transforming these functional pieces of furniture into distinguished works of art that will then be auctioned out on March 15-31, 2021 on HandO’s website. 50% of proceeds will then be donated to each artist’s choice charity or organization, while the other half will be given to the artist as HandO's support for him/her as a member of the local art industry that is also trying to survive in these hard times.
    In hopes of doing more, the HandO Team will also be organizing a contest on their Facebook page on those same dates where people can vote for their favorite artwork. The artist of the winning piece will be rewarded a cash prize of Php50,000 from HandO Furniture Inc., to be donated to the artist’s charity of choice.









Kinahong Pangarap (acrylic, wood and resin) by Reen Barrera.

Barrera didn't have a lot of toys growing up and considered himself a “toy-deprived kid”. He started making his own toys using random objects, which eventually paved the way for his career as a full-time artist in 2014. His work consists of bobblehead portraits, graphic design, and illustrations.

Barrera chose Hope for the Heart and Soul Foundation as his work's proceeds' recipient. Hope for the Heart and Soul Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates, shares, inspires, and helps individuals through the use of art.




TO BE HERE (mixed acrylic) by Tammy De Roca.

De Roca is a visual artist whose works explore how our perception of appearances and images are either challenged or supported by textures through paintings, sculptures, and other forms. Her pieces have been showcased extensively in various exhibits around Metro Manila.

De Roca chose Hello Happy Philippines as her work's proceeds' recipient. Hello Happy Philippines is an online Mental Wellness partner that aims to guide people during challenging times and empower them while strengthening their unique traits and helping them find their purpose.




OPEN UP (resin and automotive paint) by JP Duray.

With no background in the arts, John Paul or “JP” started his career by drawing a boy with a banana for a head. He called it “Banana Man” and the rest is history. Today, Duray continues to create explicit masterpieces that leave people in awe.

As his work's proceeds' recipient, Duray chose San Lazaro Hospital, a hospital committed to being the center of excellence for infectious and tropical diseases by providing its clients with comprehensive quality patient care, training, education, and research services.




HELP! (acrylic and inks) by Christian "CHANO" Fernandez.

CHANO claims to be a “friendly, straight-edge, and passive-aggressive hippie” known for his yellow and mellow characters. He is an old soul who loves the primary colors, psychedelic art, traditional tattoo, comic books, vinyl record cover art, frogs, and surrealism.

For his work's sale proceeds, Fernandez chose Project Smile Philippines, a multi-awarded youth-led non-profit organization that aims to uplift the lives of neglected and underprivileged Filipinos – providing access to quality therapy services through TheraWee.




RAMBOL (acrylic and spray paint) by Ang Gerilya.

Seeking to make their art as relevant as possible, Ang Gerilya’s work is inspired by Philippine culture and history, exploring socio-political issues and national identity. Formed in 2008 at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in Diliman, they create comics, street art and graffiti animation, host fine art exhibitions, and offer illustration commissions.

For the proceeds of their work's sale, they chose Child Hope Philippines as a charity recipient. Child Hope Philippines is a non-profit organization that aims to protect Filipino street children and their rights. The organization provides opportunities such as education and basic necessities such as shelter, health, and food.




FACES OF POSSIBILITIES (oil paint) by Maribel Magpoc.

Magpoc started her career as a painter as soon as she graduated from university in 2015 and has been actively participating in different exhibits ever since. She will have her first solo exhibit later this 2021.

For the proceeds of her work's sale, Magpoc chose Ms. Possibilities Foundation as her charity recipient. The foundation is a non-profit that holds beauty pageants for girls with special needs. They aim to showcase true beauty, promote self-confidence, and raise awareness about people with special needs.




DISCO (oil paint) by Leeroy New.

New is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice overlaps and intersects with different creative industries: fashion, filmmaking, theater, public installation, product design, and performance. This inclination to harness different modes of creative production has become the spine of his practice driven by concepts of world-building, myth-making and social change.

As the charity recipient of proceeds from his drawer's sale, New chose the Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pamilya ng Pantawid (Association of United 4Ps Families), a charity group that has undertaken several significant activities in the past three years to further strengthen its ability to organize communities to engage in policy issues as well as advocacies that revolve around CCT program-related matters as springboard for wider civic participation.




PROPHECIES (mixed media) by Rainiere Ramiro.

Understanding the dark side of human nature in our modern industrial and technological age is mostly the subject of Ramiro’s art. Using graphite, ink, ballpoint, acrylic, and oil, Ramiro creates nightmarish dreamscapes that reflect our world (and what modern times demand of us) and the issues of our society.

To be the charity recipient of the proceeds from his artwork's sale, Ramiro chose The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), another non-profit organization composed of a network of committed, compassionate and trustworthy individuals and institutions that initiate and lead in the promotion of animal welfare and the protection of all animals.




Untitled (spray paint) by Kookoo Ramos.

Ramos started as a street artist, painting on walls around Metro Manila in 2009, and transitioned as a full-time, professional mural artist in 2015. Her pieces are mainly focused on female portrait illustrations juxtaposed with colorful abstractions and familiar organic elements.

As the charity recipient of the proceeds from her artwork sale, Ramos picked the Philippine Taxonomic Initiative Inc., a non-profit organization focused on advancing the discovery and description of plants and animals in the Philippines, providing local taxonomists with the skills they need to do this work autonomously, and supporting research into the ecology of new plant and animal species.




IROG (acrylic) by Brent Sabas.

Sabas is an active member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) whose works have been showcased in local magazines such as Esquire Philippines, Preview, and Mega. Featured in Real Living Magazine's “2016 25 Creatives To Watch,” he continued to bring imaginations to life in his two recent solo exhibits, Brighter Corners at Galerie Stephanie and Good Boys at Space Encounters Gallery.

For the proceeds from his artwork's sale, Sabas picked Project PEARLS as recipient. Project PEARLS' main mission is to help children get out of poverty and enable them to achieve their dreams through scholarship grants and educational resources. Project PEARLS focuses on the following areas: education, nutrition, health care, economic and community development.




BIRDS IN PARADISE (acrylic) by JM Saycon.

Saycon’s works have been consistently recognized for their distinct black and white style at the Vision Petron Awards. He was also invited to the artist residency programs of Kawasan Sentul Bogor in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013 and Korea National University of Arts in Seoul, Korea in 2015.

As the charity recipient of proceeds from his artwork's sale, Saycon has chosen a feeding program that he decided to hold by himself in his barangay, Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City.




SUNNY SIDE (acrylic) by Micole Tam.

The creative mind behind Micole Tam Art, Tam has worked with luxury brands such as Hermès, Dior, Tiffany & Co., Guerlain, and Estee Lauder, to name a few, and is currently a brand ambassador of various art supply companies. She also runs her own business called “M by Micole,” which carries curated and hand-engraved items.

As the charity recipient of proceeds from her drawers' sale, Tam has chosen Give PH, a non-profit organization that aims to bridge less fortunate Filipino children and their dreams. The organization's main focus is to provide current needs for these children in order for them to focus on education and other desires.




WHILE it breathes life into these everyday drawers that are perfect for storing paintbrushes, art materials, and just about anything with their spacious and ergonomic design, HandO's The Art of Giving Back: Designs on Drawers campaign, made possible through its twelve artists’ unique styles, also wishes it would bring about positive change to the situation of a number of our fellow Filipinos.
    The ball is on your side to turn this wish into a reality and make a difference on March 15-31, 2021, simply by giving one of these amazing drawers a new home, or by joining HandO’s Facebook contest and voting for your favorite piece. Your participation will surely go a long way!

About HandO
    Home and Office Furniture Inc.—HandO for short—began with co-founders Jan Vyliam Tan and Andy Cheung and their shared passion for providing a wide variety of affordable quality furniture pieces for homes, offices, and coffee shops. HandO also prioritizes building strong relations with their clients and employees to constantly grow and improve, and eventually be at the leading edge of home and office furniture. Also aiming to provide a safe space not only at home or at work but also for the entire Filipino community, at the forefront of what HandO does is using their platform to create relevant projects and fundraisers in hopes of seeing the light at the end of any current tunnel.


Check out HandO
on Facebook or on Instagram, or email them at info@handofurnitureinc.com. Also visit handofurnitureinc.com, especially the website's Storage Collection.




Rianna Bernabe has been a freelance writer for over two years, specializing in copywriting and content marketing narratives. When veering away from advertising, she continues to tell stories through the crafting of screenplays and through fashion's ability to conjure truths as well as fictions.



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